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We deliver expert-level secure supply chain authentication solutions based on unique physical product protection and new and advanced mobile detection systems. Our solutions combine nano chemistry, data, and system integration for various business segments and supply Brand Owners with reliable tools to authenticate the product and provide legitimate proof in courts.

Additionally, our security solutions allow avoiding all issues of digital authentication systems like offline mode limitation, lack of complete updating, sensitivity to intentional and unintentional errors, smartphone loss, and low battery

Our technology

We are experts in manufacturing inorganic nano tracers that can be effectively identified with our mobile detectors. With complete control over every aspect of our solutions, we can produce nano tracers exclusive to our customers, offering them uniqueness with a global reach. Our detection systems distinguish simultaneously between nano tracers, allowing identification of production batches, destination markets, regions, etc.

We also offer the type of integrated serialization-authentication solutions companies should want to adopt to unify track and trace, authentication, and client engagement programs. These security systems enable customers to leverage existing serialization technology and add a robust, consumer-level authentication element embedded into one of the conventional digital printing ink systems without additional materials, processes, or packaging changes

Direct protection

Our nano tracers are introduced directly into the raw materials, finished products, or packaging components. They are entirely safe and can be used in existing production without modifying the manufacturing process and composition of raw materials used in printing inks, paints, lacquers, adhesives, etc.

The product with integrated nano tracer and its integrity is instantly verified throughout the supply chain by confirming the presence of the unique nano tracer. All data associated with the product activities are captured, allowing Brand Owners to gain new insights by combining authentication data with data analytics to identify product diversions, counterfeiters, and fake online offerings and help with customer satisfaction





Infection Protection – Antimicrobial Film


To prevent reverse engineering and counterfeiting of branded antimicrobial film

univect solution

The customized Univect nano tracer was inserted into the antimicrobial coating before finishing (slitting) without affecting product properties


The implemented solution successfully identified channel leaks and counterfeiting attempts within a distribution chain






To prevent counterfeiting and adulteration of branded premium industrial motor oils

univect solution

The customized Univect nano tracer was inserted at a ppb concentration level into the lubricant oils.


The Univect nano tracer quickly dissolved and forms a stable homogenous lubricant oil solution. The Univect nano tracer exhibits a forensically distinctive signal at a very low concentration, creating a cost-efficient marking solution. This solution allows the discovery of adulterated or counterfeited lubricant oils




B2B Business – Natural gas marking


To determine and qualitatively measure the contribution of various sources of methane/propane/butane at the end user, using nano-sensors to track gas flow in pipes

univect solution

The customized Univect nano tracer was inserted at a ppb concentration level into natural gas


Determining the actual sources of gas in measurement points, improving the efficiency of network balancing, accurate tariffing of renewable gas sources

Identification after chemically or physically destroyed

uProtect™ detection tools, in conjunction with the nano tracers, allow identification of illicit activity, provide court-defensible evidence of counterfeiting attempts, and aggregate the authentication data in real time.

uProtect™ lightweight and portable detection tools are connected to the Univect mobile smartphone application that can capture authentication attempts, perform quality checks, determine the nano tracer presence in the product (positive or negative), test location, and other relevant information. All gathered authentication data is transmitted to the cloud for storage, data aggregations, and easy integration into any T&T and customer engagement

Our technology in possible evidence proceedings

Product identification after the product was chemically or physically destroyed. Product identification is possible even after the product has been exposed to very high temperatures and reactive chemicals. Univect technology may be used in possible evidence proceedings to determine the presence or use of an identified product after a fire, explosion, exposure to reactive chemicals, or other damage to the product

Univect nano
tracers benefits

uProtect™ detection
tool benefits include

Other Univect security

To help protect Brand Owners and consumers, Univect offers a variety of secure customizable covert, semi-covert, and covert inks that are compatible with most conventional and digital printers and most substrates. Univect has extensive expertise in security ink formulations and can produce any security ink based on customer requirements. 

Univect also unveils a specialized protection systems for excise tax stamps and packaging for alcohols and tobacco, food packaging including energy drinks, luxury goods including watches, jewelry, art, and high-end clothing lines, automotive parts including aircraft mechanical parts, and currency and security document products. 

Univect also offers customers different types of final security products in the form of tamper-evident seals and labels. All these labels carry a customized unique signature that is different for each customer and only detected by the uProtect™ detection tools. 

Univect provides customers with an array of choices in conventional, holographic, micro-optics-based 3D optical transparent and metalized labels combined with almost any of Univect nano tracers and security inks. These labels can be self-destructive if removed or tamper evident, revealing permanently covert images or messages upon tampering.

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