Authentication systems

Perfect protection

Univect sp. z o.o. implements technology of various material protection systems. Our systems will allow to authenticate the identity of the producer of a product, as well as to track changes in product properties, and will also encode additional information in the product.


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Uniqueness of solution

Encoded information in the marker guarantees 100% protection even if the marker is reconstituted at molecular level. Our protection systems, unlike other solutions available on the market, are like public key/asymmetrical cryptography, with two similar pairs of keys: markers used as public keys (they can be widely spread), and their signatures as private keys (known only to the owner). Reproduction of the signature is not possible, even by us.

Therefore, disclosure of the use of the marker and even its exact chemical structure, does not affect the level of safety.

Our systems are based on the use of special markers directly added to the substance of an identified product.


Direct protection




  • Paints, varnishes and inks, fuels, liquefied gases, etc.


  • In the case of paints: identification of packaging and final customer products, device programming through products, exclusion of the use of consumable substitutes, detection of dilutions, identification of production date, in the case of banknotes/banderols: the authenticity.
  • For fuels: determination of concentration of components in the fuel, identification of the manufacturer, identification of the final product for customs clearance, etc.

Identification after chemically or physically destroyed

The identification is possible even after the product has been chemically or physically destroyed, that includes exposure to high temperatures.

The protection is impossible to counterfeit, even if the product composition is reconstituted at molecular level. The security systems are fully resistant to all known replacement technologies.

In addition:

  • their application usually does not require modification of production line
  • ­
  • they affect neither the physical not the chemical properties of the products
  • ­
  • they are resistant to UV radiation, high temperatures, acids, alkalis, etc.
  • ­
  • they maintain their properties for an unlimited period of time
  • ­
  • they are effective regardless of changes in the state of the substance
  • ­­
  • they are completely safe for use at any stage, at any time and may safely come in contact with food

Our technology in forensics

Security systems may be used in forensics to determine the presence or use of an identified product.


The company also has the technology of easily detectable security features with a very high degree of security, which can be recognized by mobile devices such as a smartphone.


The final recipient of the service takes a picture of their product with a smart phone camera. A specially designed mobile application will then take measurements and confirm the authenticity of the scanned product.

Special protection systems

We also provide specialized protection systems, depending on the desired form of detection. Usage:

  • packaging of excise goods, like alcohols, cigarettes
  • food packaging, like energy drinks
  • luxurious goods, like high-end clothing lines, watches, jewelry and works of art
  • mechanical parts for automobiles and aircrafts
  • financial securities and banknotes


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